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      3. The 29th China (Guangzhou) International Health Industry Expo

        6-8 December 2020

        China Import and Export Fair Complex

        The 29th China (Guangzhou) International Health Industry Expo 2020

        China (Guangzhou) International Health Industry Expo (IHE China - Inter Health Expo) is an international annual B2B trade show on nutrition, health food and health care products held at the Guangzhou Import and Export Fair Complex. Being the first of its kind in introducing “Interhealth” concept onto a trade show platform in China, IHE China is a significant health industry exhibition in China and an ideal platform for overseas enterprises and fine products to enter the China market.

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        • Testimonials

          “This is my first time at this show. Normally personally surprise, fantastic so far. This is important for me to get my products into Chinese market. So, coming to Guangzhou, this show, is important for me able to showcase the products to people of China. I will defiantly come back next year.”

          Mr. Ben Sammut, Founder and CEO of Living Lean
        • Testimonials

          “IHE China is a major event in the industry that can show our products to the whole market. Our brand strategy is very compatible. This event is the industry's vane that leads the industry to healthy development, I am looking forward to getting great results in IHE China."

          Zhang Xiaoqiang, Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Wanglaoji Catering Management Development Co., Ltd
        • Testimonials

          “Through this exhibition, we effectively promoted and displayed our brand image and passed on Chinese culture. Buyers are very interested in our products. We have already contacted many customers including distributors, business partners, large buyers within a morning."

          Wang Shufan, President of ChangBai Mountian Ginseng Corporation
        • Testimonials

          “This is the first time we participate in IHE China, we really want to share our high quality Canadian ginseng to Chinese consumers. We meet many potential buyers and experts here, it helps a lot to us. We will keep participating next year for sure!”

          ——Eric Tran, Director of Canadian Vita Corporation
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        IHE 大健康展 - 2019 展會視頻
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        • 廣州國際大健康產業博覽會贊助商之一:ECHO物流
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        6-8 Dec. 2020
        China Import and Export Fair Complex

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